Windows 8 will need fewer restarts

Microsoft claim that Windows 8 will only need to be restarted ONCE per MONTH!

Microsoft have reported that the new Windows operating system, Windows 8, will be nicer to use and less annoying as it will no longer need to be rebooted after installing Windows Updates.

PC’s which are left turned on overnight will no longer automatically restart after an automatic update has been installed after many users complained about losing data when not sat at the PC.

Urgent security patches will still need the system to be restarted however Microsoft claim that the user will be given 3 day’s notice prior to the installation taking place.

Microsoft have also reported that the new Windows 8 OS can be installed with as few as 11 clicks of the mouse, many clicks fewer than Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP and will ultimately make the installation much simpler to do.

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