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Borehamwood Based IT Support for Home & Small Businesses Users

Kimpton Computers is a small family run business of 17 years. Based in Borehamwood – Hertfordshire, we are able to service all the surrounding areas of South Hertfordshire and North London. With Microsoft certified engineers you can rest assured that your problems can be resolved in a timely and professional manner.

In addition to our on-site support for Home and Small Business users, we also offer many other services such as:

  • PC Design and construction to your specific requirements
  • Broadband Installations and PC Setup
  • Virus and Trojan Removal
  • Data Recovery when systems seem dead!
  • PC Hardware and Software stockist
  • Website Domain Registration and Hosting
  • Website design and maintenance
  • LAN (Network) installation of CAT5 cabling and wireless

No problem is ever too large or too small, give us a call and talk it over with one of our engineers.

Priding ourselves in helping our customers make the best decision when things go wrong. We offer free impartial advice to our customers and provide free, no-obligation quotations for all of our computer repairs and upgrades which are covered by our 12 month parts & labour guarantee.

Support for all home computing & networking in Borehamwood, Elstree, Watford and most other areas in Hertfordshire and North London.

At work all day? Need someone in the evening?

Our engineers offer an on-site out of hours repair service, able to visit you in your home after you finish work or at the weekends. No extra charge for this service except for Sunday’s.

As well as being able to support any Microsoft Windows O/S, wide range of peripherals, broadband setup, and small networks, most of all we offer a personal service which is second to none.

Based in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, we’re able to cover most area’s in the North London and South Hertfordshire.

Contact our Borehamwood Computer Repairs Support Desk on

0845 304 5101

Computer Tune-up’s

Over a period of time, computer’s become bogged down by a number of problems that often result in the computer operating slower than it should. In quite a few cases, system reliability has been compromised which can result in random system crashes. This situation is caused through a number of issues including; redundant files, programs eating away valuable memory, corrupted/badly installed drivers, “spyware”, and in the worst cases viruses that can wreak havoc in the background without your knowledge.

Many computer’s, including brand new high-spec machines are usually not optimised to make the most of the performance of your machine. Internet connection speeds for example can be optimised to improve the speed of viewing web pages across the Internet. We provide this optimisation service as part of the computer tune up. Hardware Upgrades/Installation Not everyone has the budget to afford a new computer system, so often the most cost effective way of getting better performance from your machine is to have it upgraded.

Upgrading your existing machine depends very largely upon its age, and what type of upgrade you need. In a majority of cases for computers less than 2 years old, virtually all components can be upgraded, including processors, memory, hard drives and CD-Drives (including CD-RW/DVD drives).
Call us for a for more information and a free quotation.

Virus Removal

Even the best anti-virus programs miss the occasional viruses due to the fact that virus definitions are not always updated before a new virus is widespread. In some cases the virus itself can disable your anti-virus program and prevent you from removing it. In cases where a computer has been infected with a virus and is experiencing problems, our Virus removal service will provide you with a means to continue working with your machine in a Virus-free state.

Please note that in some cases, virus infections are so bad that occasionally re-formatting the hard-drive (and thus risk losing your data) is the only way to resolve the problem. Remember to backup your data regularly.

PC Networking

Many people are unaware that you are able to connect more than one computer to the internet over your Broadband connection. Unlike the old dialup service, Broadband gives you the bandwidth to easily connect all the computer’s in your home to the internet with no extra line rental charges. It’s also possible to connect up your X-Box, PlayStation and even your TV to the internet.

We offer a range of networking solutions for home and small office users. CAT5 cabling and wireless networking to suite your requirements. Give us a call to discuss your needs and we will find you the package that best suits your needs and pocket.

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